Sexy Girls in Hot Pants & Lego Jewelry – Jump Off London L4L Fashion Show

The Jump Off London AdULTHOOD Launch hosted by Rap6 with Kiss DJ Manny Norte. Lyrics 4 Lyrics put on a well received Fashion Show. L4L went at it old-skool w…

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25 Responses to “Sexy Girls in Hot Pants & Lego Jewelry – Jump Off London L4L Fashion Show”

  1. anastygirl4u2008u says:

    19F here bored, with cam who wants to play? contact me (aim/yahoo screen
    name: JessicaTeases19 )

  2. danielle lowman says:

    Aha , Omg , They Boys At Uk Is Sexy As Helll ! The Girls–Some Ugly As
    Fuccccccccccck !

  3. murderXXmeXXkidd says:

    hell ya=]

  4. rockinstarrr says:

    im white and i can shake my ass just the same maybe even better . but i
    just show it in the bedroom:P IT IS NOT COLOUR RELATED

  5. JadielMcdowell says:

    never seen so many girls up for a fuck fierygirl dottt commm

  6. hollerican says:

    wtf is this

  7. AJVersatility19 says:

    if u just rhyme it makes u a rapper, and if ur trynna hate just realize
    that ppl express themselves in ways. sometimes in ways ppl like u dont
    understand. so u label them as retarded, cuz u dont understand that their
    life is different from urs. the only thing we can potentially all have in
    common, are morals, and ppl like u just kill it.

  8. Charles Glover says:


  9. spiderdragon1969 says:

    how sad

  10. mounir22yrs says:

    yes,i love hot girls

  11. streetball4ever says:

    @DaNaiiSHa never as good as a black booty 😀

  12. joycejazzy2008 says:


  13. lovehotboys1234 says:

    allll racesz have assss… am straight up guyanese with 4 sis n we all
    got it..we r bless..<3

  14. pat collier says:

    if we add up all the famous booty shackers in the world how many of them
    are black and white. lets see beyonce and ciara my top two and lets be for
    real black women dance better and have a better shape of ass if they
    workout and eat right thats a fact oh and black women can have fat ass with
    a thin waist and dont age in the face quick like whites thats a fact too so
    dont hate peps congradulate

  15. itstopcatbitch says:

    none of the girls were fat you people r just angry coz u dont have it not
    in a million

  16. WETNWILD85 says:

    WTF!!! This aint shit. Take that back,this IS shit!!!

  17. DaNaiiSHa says:

    @jaybah12 both

  18. Coraline LTB says:

    @jenny02beck So what? It makes video and them even more interesting. They
    are not afraid of how would they look like and they know how to enjoy in
    body they have. Skinny is not interesting, I think it`s great to be like

  19. DaNaiiSHa says:

    @kiekie234 Have you seen my ass? Didn’t think so. But I appreciate you
    trying to diss me on the internet. THUMBS UP ASSHOLE

  20. fanofentertainment says:

    listen to that new super mario track called spit fiya power! its hot!!!!!!

  21. SuperiorSpiderman says:

    @mysterymediacorp Lmao, mix girls rule the world, yay for me (: And white
    females are not better than black females. White girls are just more open
    and have less respect ( no offense, lol) (: You say, “bitch, suck my dick”
    black girl will say, “nigga, for how much?” White chick says “OKAY!” LMAO,

  22. bounce bounce says:

    @CaptainGOP what abt asian girls?lol

  23. uiwi says:

    Thats wat I hate grime and think it’s shit 4 “I dnt care sixties or
    seventies them years deadout like cemetary” lool…

  24. E180tekno says:

    00:24 – 00:25 beuuuurk !!! pause “XD” celulite en masse

  25. TheUsassassin says:

    aint nuthin wrong with a thick gurl beauty comes in all shapes and sizes